Excellent condition, maintained & serviced to utmost standard

Year of manufacture: 2008

Volvo FL chassis

Mileage: around 40500km on both units

One- and Two-man operation

Auxillary  engine Deutz BFL4L2011 

Auxiliary engine hours: around 6300 hours on both units

Type I pump Lowara

Type IV pump Johnson pump Toplobe

Flowmeter Siemens Mag6000

3 tanks

Water 4500 litres (heated to 85 Celsius) Electrical

Type-I 2500 litres (heated to 65 Celsius) Electrical

Type-IV 2400 litres (non-heated)

Onboard and plug-in heating

Sprayers basket maximum floor height 16,8 metres

Sprayers eye height 18 metres

Nozzle maximum height 20,4 metres

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