Steel constructed body is covered with GRP Panels which are filled insulation material. The body is lifted by a scissor system powered by two single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Adequate ventilation with in the body is provided. There are lock system to fix the catering trolleys(50ea.) inside the body. The front / rear doors are opened upwards by the roller system. There is a control panel on the front. The platform can move forward 3 meters to approach the aircraft. The maximum service height is 8400 mm.


The front platform is made of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles. It moves with the body to serve the aircraft. The front platform can be extended through a move powered by a hydraulic cylinder so that the platform can align to the aircraft door to avoid harmonious manner. The floor is covered with checkered aluminum . It has a heavy duty canopy (tarpaulin protecting from rain, sun and wind) positioned to cover the front platform and the door of the aircraft.


Truck is defined as per customer demand / technical requirements. Min. GVW should be 25,000 kg.


The stabilizing system consists of 4 vertically operated hydraulic support jacks. Gear type flow-driver is used to operate stabilizers simultaneously. Horizontal telescopic stabilizers are available to provide better balance.


The hydraulic system is provided with an oil tank, a pump driven by the truck engine, cylinders, safety valves (Self actuated locking valves in case of a pressure loss), hydraulic valves and some useful accessories. There is an emergency hand pump which can also be used in case of engine failure.


It has a deceleration and docking system controlled by sensors for a safe docking of the vehicle. When the vehicle starts to approach to the aircraft, the system slows the vehicle down and stops to prevent the vehicle from hitting the aircraft. System allows driver or operator to brake and deactivate the system when it is active.


The platform is hot-dip galvanized and other parts are custom painted as per requirement.


LED Type lighting fixtures, projector in front and rear of the platform, gabary lamps at the corners and a beacon are provided on the van body.


  • Tail lift   
  • Electric emergency pump   
  • Cooling/Climatization system for Body   
  • Pneumatic system for rear and front doors (sliding door)
  • Cooling system for driver’s cab   
  • Side door and emergency exit ladder   
  • Custom painting and logo application   
  • Rear view camera   
  • Shelves made of profile or sheet metal.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for fixing catering trolleys   
  • Winter kit