It is made of steel construction. Ladders are provided to reach to the floors. Each floor has walkways and handrails for safety. Foldable accesses bridges are provided on both sides to facilitate servicing the de-icing vehicles. Lifts are installed on front or/and back side of the facility to lift IBS tanks to the top floor to supply De-icing fluids into the service tank. Top floor is equipped with rollers to support easy movement of the IBS tanks.


Tanks are made of stainless steel and covered with isolation material. Tanks are equipped with internal heating devices to prevent freezing and level gauges to determine the fluid level inside the tank. Additionally, system has the screens to display the delivered quantity in liter.


There is a hydraulic powered pump to fill up water tank.


  • Automated fill-up and recording system
  • Capacity as per the customer preference
  • Video recording