KL Aircraft Loader, is used in Cargo operations of many military and Commercial aircraft including B 747 for the cargo prepared in different configurations like in container, with pallet orair drop and has the advantages listed below;


  • 12.000 kg / 16.000 kg / 23.000 kg handling capacity
  • One of the least light weighted Key Loader among the competitors
  • Air Transportability with C130, A400M and similar aircrafts
  • Min 990-max 5550 mm service height
  • Quick deployment and operational readiness
  • Can handle all type of cargo
  • Capacity to carry 4 ea. 463L with KL 12000 and 5 ea. 463L with KL 23.000 together
  • 4 ea. stabilization
  • 4 function steering system (2WS Front/Rear, 4WS, Crab Mode)
  • Up to 4 section, power activated rollers which can be selected by the operator
  • Platform can lean to 4 direction


Front and rear axles facilitate vehicle to be loaded into the aircraft by elevating the body. Electrical system is PLC controlled.


Platform can shift to left and right side 50 mm. Vehicle has the capability to get the platform levelled on uneven surfaces. Platform has pitch and roll capability up to 5 degrees. Load is carried on the platform on power activated rollers.


For air transportability, cabin is intruded into the platform.


  • Emergency escape rope for the operator   
  • Cabin A/C   
  • Air Compressor to inflate tyres   
  • 4 Wheel Drive Hydrostatic Transmission   
  • PLC Electric system