Stairways are designed as parallelogram type with a telescopic operational function to be used to reach up to 8500 millimetre. Sides of the stairs are covered with aluminium while stairs are covered with checkered aluminium. All systems are built to withstand the wind speed up to 75 kmp.


Platform is made of steel profiles with checkered aluminium covered surface. Side panels are retractable. Platform and side panels are finished with rubber bumpers to protect the fuselage. Platform has an electronic self-levelling system to level platform parallel to the chassis.


Truck is defined as per customer demand / technical requirements.


The hydraulic system is provided with an oil tank, a pump driven by the truck engine, cylinders for lifting and telescopic action, safety valves (Self actuated locking valves in case of a pressure loss), hydraulic valves and some useful accessories. There is an emergency hand pump which can also be used in case of engine failure.


The stabilizing system consists of 4 vertically operated hydraulic support jacks. Thanks to long strokes, the truck can be levelled on uneven surfaces.


Chassis, stair and platform are custom painted.


Electric system is powered with the standard battery of the vehicle. An electronic PLC system is used to control, monitor and diagnosis of the all unit. Electric system consists of two taillights, stair illumination lights, adjustable spot light and a signal lamp. All operations can be performed through control panel. Aircraft door height pre-selection system with automatic height elevation.


The unit has a fire-fighting system that consist of hose reel with nozzle on the platform, DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) System and CAF (Compressed Air Foam) System in case of a fire. On the body, equipment lockers with roller shutter doors and internal lighting are provided.


  • 1500 mm Stair width
  • Electrical emergency pump
  • Custom paint and Logo applications
  • Water tank and fire pump
  • Chassis mounted generator for auxiliary power
  • Hose reel and nozzle on the chassis
  • Waterway via telescopic pipe and hose line