Ambulift is designed on a self-propelled chassis, which is produced by steel profiles and sheets, to provide stability for a safe ascent/descent to/from the aircraft door.


The steel construction body is covered with special plates filled with polyester, wood and styrofoam inside and outside. The body is lifted by a scissor system powered by two synchronized telescopic hydraulic cylinders. There are lock system to fix the wheelchairs and the stretchers. Fresh air is provided by the ventilation fan and through all-round windows on both sides. On the rear, there is observation window and double wing door to access into the body whereas. On the front side, there is one single door. Maximum service height is 5800mm. There are two folding seats in the body. There are handrails on the left and right walls of the body.


Extendable front platform is made of steel profiles and moves with the body to serve the aircraft. Front platform is extended by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Floor is covered with checkered aluminium plate. On full cab applications one independent, with half cab applications two independent platforms are provided.


The traction system is provided by a diesel engine with an electrically controlled power-shif transmission with torque converter with low and high speed selection. Ambulift has dual circuit hydraulic assisted braking system on 4 wheels and hydraulic assisted power steering system.


Access from the ground to body level is provided through a foldable tail lift which is used for lifting Wheelchairs and stretchers activated by a hydraulic cylinder and chained tambour system. Floor is covered with checkered aluminium plate and has a ramp and handrails to help loading wheelchairs.


The hydraulic system is provided with an oil tank, a pump driven by the truck engine, cylinders, safety valves (Self Actuated Locking Valves in case of a pressure loss), hydraulic valves. There is an emergency hand pump which can also be used in case of engine failure.


It has a deceleration and docking system controlled by sensors for a safe docking of the vehicle. When the vehicle starts to approach to the aircraft, the system slows the vehicle down and stops to prevent the vehicle from hitting the aircraft. System allows driver or operator to brake and deactivate the system when it is active.


The stabilizing system consists of 4 vertically operated hydraulic support jacks. The jacks work in simultaneously.


The platform is hot-dip galvanized and other parts are custom painted as per requirement.


LED Type lighting fixtures, projector in front and rear of the platform, gabary lamps at the corners and a beacon are provided on the van body.


  • Canopy
  • Electric emergency pump
  • Heating and Cooling for the body      
  • Side door and climbing stair.     
  • Access stair for platform    
  • Custom paint and logo application    
  • Half Cab (to minimize front service height)     
  • Half cab with fixed single platform     
  • Half cab with right/left movable platform (4 -way)    
  • Ceiling hand rails
  • Sliding door for the front side•    
  • Winter kit