It is made of steel profiles. fifth-wheel system and tow-bar on the front axle are provide steering and rotating the trailer. The parking brake is activated when tow bar is lifted up or left free.

There is adequate number of rollers on the belt boom to support the belt and to ensure safe convey of the load. Forward reverse movement of the belt is activated by a hydraulic motor while height and approach angle of the belt boom is adjusted through hydraulic cylinders. Belt boom has 150 mm rails to prevent drop of the cargo. Belt conveyor with 7500mm length has two hydraulic cylinders whereas belt conveyor with 6000mm and 6500 mm length has one.

System is supported with an oil tank, diesel engine powered hydraulic pump, hydraulic engine, cylinders, valves. In case of an engine failure, system can be operated through a manual hand pump.

Chassis and the platform is hot dip galvanised.

Electric System is supported by 12 V DC Battery. All electric system including work light and flashing beacon can be operated from the panel.


  • Pneumatic tyre bumpers on the front edge of belt boom    
  • Foldable rails on single or both sides    
  • One side fix, other side foldable rails    
  • Different configuration for hand and guide rails    
  • Electric emergency pump.   
  • Hydrostatic docking system activated by hydraulic motor    
  • ASAS (Aircraft Sensitive Approach System) with hydro static docking system    
  • Engine cover    
  • Winter kit    
  • Forklift pocket for easy transportation    
  • Mechanic or hydraulic stabilizers    
  • Custom paint and logo applications