It is installed on a commercial truck chassis.


There is adequate number of rollers on the belt boom to support the belt and to ensure safe convey of the load. Forward reverse movement of the belt is activated by a hydraulic motor while height and approach angle of the belt boom is adjusted through hydraulic cylinders. There are 800 mm fixed guardrails on the left side of the belt, and foldable and extended 150 mm hand rails on the right side. 7500 mm length conveyor belt is standard production and operated by two hydraulic cylinders.


Truck is selected as per the customer choices, according to the technical aspects and with automatic transmission.


System is supported with an oil tank, diesel engine powered hydraulic pump, hydraulic engine, cylinders, valves. In case of an engine failure, system can be operated through a manual hand pump.


It has a deceleration and docking system controlled by sensors for a safe docking of the vehicle. When the vehicle starts to approach to the aircraft, the system slows the vehicle down and stops to prevent the vehicle from hitting the aircraft. System allows driver or operator to brake and deactivate the system when it is active.


Conveyor platform is hot dip galvanized; chassis is repainted with after primer coating following modifications.


Lighting was provided with 2 projection lamps. All functions can be controlled from the control panels located in the driver cabin and on each sides of the conveyor belt.


  • Conveyor belt with 9000 mm length
  • Cooling for driver’s cabin   
  • Emergency electric  pump    
  • Custom paint and logo applications    
  • Winter Kit    
  • Pneumatic tyre bumpers on the front edge of belt boom  
  • Different configuration for hand and guide rails
  • Mechanic or hydraulic stabilizers