Chassis is made of high tension steel profiles. It is resistant to the wind speeds upto 75 kph. Rotation of the front axle is provided by a ‘Bute’ system. Mechanical parking Brake is with activated by lifting or lowering the tow bar.


Stair step width is 1200mm. Side panels of the stair are covered with plane aluminium panels where the steps are covered with anti-slip checkered aluminium panels.


There is a canopy with solar panels made of steel material covering the stairs. While protecting from the sun and rain, canopy is benefiting from the solar energy.


Platform is made of steel profiles with checkered aluminium covered surface. Side panels are retractable. Platform and side panels are finished with rubber bumpers to protect the fuselage.


The hydraulic system is provided with an oil tank, a pump driven by the truck engine, cylinders safety valves (Self actuated locking valves in case of a pressure loss), hydraulic valves and some useful accessories. There is an emergency hand pump which can also be used in case of engine failure.


It has a deceleration and docking system controlled by sensors for a safe docking of the vehicle. When the vehicle starts to approach to the aircraft, the system slows the vehicle down and stops to prevent the vehicle from hitting the aircraft. System allows driver or operator to brake and deactivate the system when it is active.


The stabilizing system consists of 4 vertically operated hydraulic support jacks with lock valves for maximum safety.


Panels of the stair are custom painted whereas all other steel parts are hot dip galvanized.


24V DC system is powered by a min 240 Ah standard battery. System has working light, led illumination and warning lights. Operational systems are controlled over the control box whereas traction control is operated on the towing bar. Depending on the environmental conditions of the operation area, it can serve without a need to be recharges for months. In case of the insufficient solar power, it has the option for charging the batteries on the unit.


  • Different operational service height
  • Spherical insert illumination lamps
  • Second lower hand rail for elderly people and toddlers
  • Extended step width to 1500 mm   
  • Hydrostatic docking system   
  • Clearance for forklift scissor penetration
  • Custom paint and logo applications
  • Spare wheel
  • Stair controls from platform