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About Us
Miles GSE is a brand of Miles Makine Group which manufactures Ground Support Equipment and is located in Istanbul, Turkey and Bremen, Germany. The company has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality hydraulic equipment. Miles manufactures and supplies reliable GSE products to Airlines and Ground Handling Companies to meet the high standards of the aviation industry and customers’ own specific requirements. As a result of continuous R&D and customer focus, Miles has successfully evolved from a local manufacturer into an international supplier and expanded progressively its product line over the years. With the significant support of the Turkish aviation industry and most particularly Turkish Airlines, Miles became the first choice of Turkish Ground Handling Companies and also positioned itself as a leading GSE manufacturer in the region of Eastern Europe and Turkey by 2016 and one of the fastest-growing GSE manufacturers in the world by 2020. All Miles GSE products conform to all IATA regulations and EC Directives. Miles ensures to provide all clients the best possible return on their investment thanks to longer product life cycles and lower maintenance metrics. The company is also ISO 9001:2015 certified and places a keen emphasis on complying to all country-specific regulations associated with the manufacture of GSE products. Miles currently employs approximately 150 people and manufactures at a 9.300m2 factory in Istanbul. In response to market demands, Miles will expand to support the needs of customers worldwide in the following years. Commitment, responsibility, and customer focus are values that always distinguish Miles from others.
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